Tired of being
The Keepers of the House, tired of
Alice Adams and Olive Kitteridge asked
The God of Small Things for
A Little Life. They told the god,
“We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves!”
They were seeking
The Comfort of Others and just a bit of
Ordinary Grace.
Without Waiting for Sunrise they began their
Journey in the Dark.
According to
The Moor’s Account, they felt
Euphoria at their
Without a single
Possession but with a
Curious Mind,
In a Free State they sought to satisfy
A Sacred Hunger. They were setting out on
The Narrow Road to the Deep North,
Passing through
A Thousand Acres into
The Garden of the Evening Mists.
But little did they know it was
A Famished Road
Where their Troubles began!
With no Luminaries to guide them
They met only
Tinkers and The Fisherman.
In the Remains of the Day
They had The Sense of an Ending.
Oh, Pioneers!
There were following The Ghost Road with
The Bone People!
The Orphan Master’s Son and
His Family gave them only
Death with Interruptions and a
Return of the Bones.

Alas, Now in November,
The Snow Child at Wolf Hall
Sees nothing of them, hearing only the
Small, sweet song of
The Goldfinch.