April Fools

We stepped as fools Free falling over the cliff. Trusting Knowing, in the Center of all understanding, Forever, Past death, Our love.

A Sunrise, November 7, 2020

Have you noticedThere have been fiery redSunsets this month?On November 7, 2020A pink sunrise.A thin band of redSpread across the clouds,But when the sun roseThe entire skyTurned blue.


My puny ‘Ahhh’ Just doesn’t compare with The quiet moaning sound My neighbor’s dog makes When scratching his belly With his left hind foot.

Getting By

I shop mostly at the Kamuela farmers’ markets now: Eggs, bananas, macadamia nuts, Vanilla, lilikoi jelly. . . Add a few tablespoons of flour: Banana nut pancakes! Drizzle with Amaretto.