In Hansel and Gretel
The gingerbread house
Would have a big problem if
One day a mouse
Made a nest ‘neath
The window or
Under the door or
Up in the attic or
Down by the floor.
It never would matter,
The spot that he chose,
Since whenever he wanted
He’d follow his nose
To the left
Or the right,
Going up or straight down,
The mouse would be smiling and
Never a frown would
Change his small face from
A vision of joy
Whether she was a girl or if
He were a boy.
Either way they’d be happy
With food everywhere,
They’d live there forever
With never a care!
A gumdrop for lunch or
A frosting-filled snack,
To keep a fat tummy
They’d not need a knack for
Tracing down nibbles or
Finding a meal, in a
Gingerbread house they’d need
Only to steal
A bite of a roof beam or
Nip of the floor, but
Caution is needed
‘cause if they ate more
Than a careful allotment
The danger might be
Being smothered in crumbs
As their sad destiny!