When you meet a monkey you
Don’t wish either to scare her or
To let her intimidate you.
If you face a rhesus monkey
straight on,
With stiff arms and legs,
And look it in the eyes,
You will threaten her,
And she may threaten back or
Attack you.
If you smile and curve your body
Sideways to her,
She will see you as a coward,
And may slap or nip you to
Show off.
Approach slowly,
Facing the same direction as
The monkey.
Gaze toward him or her, then
Quickly arch your gaze away.
While doing this,
Smack your lips in a
Kissing gesture as you
Turn your head away.
Sidling one step closer.
If she lip-smacks
Back to you,
She may likewise sidle toward you.
After you’re side-by-side,
You may groom her,
But be sure to use
The three correct gestures,
Pick, slide, scrape.
(Detailed instructions for
correct grooming techniques will
Follow tomorrow.)