At separate times,
Over the course of two decades,
Much too young,
Three of my very best friends
They were the ones who “got” me,
Who I’d crack-up with laughing
until we couldn’t get any breath.

Now I don’t share the small details of
Daily life
With any living soul
Except my cat.
I’ve tried marriage twice but
In our patriarchic society
The price has been much too high
For me to try again.

I have no one now to go with
To run a silly errand,
Or to tell that I
Just cut my finger
Slicing a tomato.

I’m OK with this.
I love solitude.
I love feeling the
Connections with trees.
I love doing
Anything I want
Anytime I want.
I love coming home to
My cat.

It would feel
Really good to have
Best friend.